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 Please email pictures of the appliance you are wanting picked up and a general location of the appliance. Send emails to someone will contact you shortly! Thank you.

Policy change

We are finding that a large amount of our pick ups are for appliances that have little or no value. So we are forced to charge for these types of pick ups.
For Appliances with no value we are now charging a pick up fee as follows:
refrigerator/freezers $25.00
ranges/ovens $15.00
washers/dryers $10.00
dishwashers $10.00
We do not pick up microwaves, hotwater heaters, T.Vs will still pay a cash reward for appliances that are in good shape and have some value in the appliance or parts.

Dryer $10.00 charge
Rusty cabinet $10.00 charge

$10.00 charge washer

No value/ $25.00 charge
$25.00 charge refrigerator

Washer and Dryer Recycling Sandy Oregon

Front load Frigidaire washer picked up in Sandy Oregon on Saturday afternoon. The washer was in really bad shape the spin basket was smashed, the shocks were all broken etc. I agreed to haul the washer away for free as for there was no value to the machine. The customer was happy to just see it leave there garage. We haul washers, dryers, ranges, dishwashers and some refrigerators. Oregon Appliance Exchange will even pay you for your used appliance. Some nicer used appliances working or not may qualify for a cash reward. Call us today to get rid of those unwanted used appliances dead or alive.

Clackamas Oregon Appliance Recycling


 We are now only accepting stainless steel refrigerators for purchase dead or alive.

 Dead Appliance recycling is making a change to what we will pick up and accept. Old refrigerators will no longer be picked up for recycling. We are looking for newer refrigerators dead or alive, all stainless steel refrigerators as well. If you have a newer refrigerator in good shape we would be glad to pay you money for it. Older refrigerators will be refused and we ask that you contact your local scrap metal recycling company.
 We are also looking for dishwashers, washers, dryers and ranges. If you have unwanted used appliances working or not we will pay you cash for them.  We look forward to helping you with all your appliance needs.

Free Appliance recycling Clackamas County

 We specialize in helping people with there unwanted appliances. Oregon Appliance Exchange will even pay for most appliances, even if they are not working.  Some appliances are recycled, others parts are salvaged, and some get fixed. Nothing will ever go to a land fill, wasted or dumped.
  The better looking the appliance the more we can pay, even if the motor is dead or a major control board is defective. Older, dented, smashed appliances we will haul for free, there is never a charge for your appliance removal. Have a perfectly nice working appliance? We purchase appliances dead or alive! Call us today to see how we can help.